New divorce form gives option to ‘name and shame’ adulterers

Published on 30 Nov

A new divorce form released by the government now includes a section to ‘name and shame’ the person who your partner committed adultery with.

This has caused great conflict amongst many divorce and family lawyers who believe this may increase ‘conflict and complexity’ in divorce proceedings.

The Ministry of Justice have stated that there is no requirement to fill in this section of the form, and this is also stated in the forms guidelines. However, many lawyers fear that this guideline may be overlooked or ignored as those who are left broken hearted from adultery may not be able to resist the temptation to name and shame.

Although the online form was updated to make the legal processes of divorce more user friendly, naming the person in which your husband/wife committed adultery with then makes them part of the court case. This means they will be sent all copies of the paperwork and if they do not respond, could create great delays to the divorce proceedings and even increase costs.

According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2015 there were 101,055 divorces in England and Wales. Of these, 12,148 were due to adultery and 46,815 were due to unreasonable behaviour. The large number of divorces granted due to instances of adultery may also mean that many men may be cuckolded into raising a child in which he is not genetically/biologically related.

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