Siblings reunited after ‘joke’ DNA test

Published on 10 Oct

As a leading DNA testing company every so often we either deal with or hear of a really heart-warming story where families are brought together or reunited in the nicest possible way.

We noticed this great story on BBC news and thought we should share it, as by using these DNA tests, a lady from Pontefract has been able to find a half-brother she did not know about!

Ancestry DNA tests are being used by many people these days (they were the “go to” Christmas present at one point!) and can indicate if you are likely to be related to another person, for example as a long-lost cousin or even a full-sibling or a half-sibling.

To confirm this and get the clearest possible association (it is complicated), then a different technology is needed, which is the same as we use for paternity testing.

You can order such a sibling test from dadchecksilver, where you get more information and relationship DNA testing advice.

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