What is a ‘dadchecksilver’ test?

The dadchecksilver service is a premier DNA test for paternity testing and also for genetic information concerning other relationships. It is intended as a human identification service for the general public and is offered at two levels; a) as a personal information DNA test and b) as a test suitable for use in legal proceedings. We are highly responsive, sensitive to your needs and provide a high level of customer service. We appreciate the sensitivity of this purchase.

We offer many types of DNA testing services for the determination of human biological relationships. We are expert in immigration DNA testing, in providing DNA tests for surrogacy and also for inheritance matters.

We operate our own accredited UK laboratories and we do not send samples to other laboratories for processing. For personal information DNA testing for paternity and other biological relationships, you may order online or by telephone.

By using our own laboratories, we offer you exceptional value for money and the highest quality laboratory processing and analysis.

Please note that we do NOT carry out tests relating to distant ancestry (genealogy etc.) or for animals (e.g. pedigree testing).

chXout on the other hand, a registered trademark belonging to Complement Genomics Ltd, offers services to the non-human DNA testing market. A range of DNA testing services for animals, plants and fungi have been designed for businesses, citizen scientists and professionals alike.