Out of the woods?

Published on 09 Nov

Many of you will think of us just as a DNA testing laboratory for paternity and human relationships, but we are much more than that!

One of the other services we have provided throughout the pandemic is testing for Covid-19. This current wave of infections seems to be levelling off, but please don’t be complacent, we are far from “out of the woods”!

The flu is likely to make a comeback as well as several other viruses which have been lurking in the background, plus ominous looking new Covid-19 variants have been found. It might be that these can partially evade the immune system and hence we see the high rate of re-infection.

Covid-19 has a range of symptoms, the latest variants seem to be associated with vomiting, diarrhoea and a runny nose. Really tricky to be definitive here, as many other viruses have similar symptoms.

Even the double jabbed do not escape and still may get Covid-19, with the signs of the virus being sore throat, blocked nose, a persistent cough and a headache. Vaccination is helping to keep the disease mild in many people.

If you are visiting vulnerable relatives, then we recommend you get a PCR test beforehand – if you are local to us in the North East, you can book online at www.covid19geneblitz.com

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