Family life is doing well

Published on 30 Sep

The Children’s Commissioner for England has recently conducted a review into family life (published 1st September 2022*) which has revealed interesting insights into the ways family structures are changing. The familiar segregated male/female roles from our parent’s age are in decline and as we all probably know, are increasingly outdated. Modern families do not fit into neat boxes and for example, single-parent families, LGBT+ families and a host of others make for a varied mix of family structures in today’s society.

Why is this study important? Well, firstly it has highlighted that children feel that the most important part of being in a family is to be loved and supported and they adapt to the family around them.

Spending time together and a network of relatives is essential to children’s happiness. Secondly, it has emphasised the need for family law to keep up with change. Alas, in several areas, progress is still to be made. Accessibility of parental leave, protection from abuse, mental health support, access to professional services, gaps in children’s care packages and availability of foster carers are all worthy of improvement.

We think the right for a child to know their biological father via a paternity test is important – that bond and subsequent parental investment if it can be established, is vital to a child having a sense of belonging.


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