Who we are

The dadcheck®silver service belongs to Complement Genomics Ltd, a long established and trusted DNA testing company.

UK-based laboratories and customer services

dadcheck®silver is designed to give answers to paternity and biological relationship questions using DNA testing technology. We also carry out DNA testing for immigration (passport and visa applications) and surrogacy DNA testing for private clients.

We offer two types of DNA testing

a) a test to be used for your own personal information or

b) a DNA test suitable for legal purposes which you can use to help you to modify legal documents and to prove either paternity or maternity to legal authorities.

Order your DNA test kit either online, by telephone or email today.

Do you require a DNA test suitable for legal purposes

This could be for Birth Certificate changes, family court proceedings, inheritance disputes, liaison with either the Child Support Agency (CSA) or for the Immigration authorities.

DNA testing for these purposes requires a different level of service, as a 3rd party must verify the identity of the donor and take the samples. This type of test is sometimes called an "accredited" or "legal" test.

Please note that we are one of only a few companies in the UK which are able to provide a DNA testing service suitable for legal purposes and we have been performing legal tests for over 18 years!

We have helped thousands of families with legal DNA tests and can arrange sample collections in the UK as well as overseas for families based abroad.

Do you have professional representation?

Our accredited service for professionals such as Solicitors or Local Authorities is dadcheckgold.com. If you have professional representation, such as a Solicitor or Barrister or are involved with Social Services in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, then please contact dadcheck®gold on 0191 543 6334 or sales@dadcheckgold.com

Complement Genomics Ltd t/a dadcheck® is recognised by the Ministry of Justice as "a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts of England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969".

DNA Testing Services

Personal Information Paternity Testing

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Parentage Tests Suitable for Legal Purposes

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Personal Information DNA Testing

from £145


Are you from the legal profession?

If you are from the legal profession (e.g. solicitor) or a Local Authority and require our DNA testing services, please call 0191 543 6334 or visit dadcheckgold.com