Twin DNA Tests

Have you always wondered whether you and your twin, or your twin children are biologically identical? At dadcheck®silver we can answer that question for you with up to 100% certainty based on the samples we receive.

The definitive way to determine if twins are identical or non-identical (also known as ‘fraternal’ twins) is to carry out a twin DNA test, commonly known as a Zygosity test.

A simple cheek cell sample from each of the twins will give our laboratory all we need to provide you the answer. All processing from the beginning of your order to the end is performed by dadcheck®silver in our UK based laboratory.  We will never send your samples abroad or to any other company for processing meaning the result can be provided to you sooner!

How do twin DNA tests work?

In the laboratory we will test the DNA samples from the twins using 23 markers to determine if they are genetically identical at all the DNA markers, or if they have similar but different DNA profiles, as is expected with full siblings (i.e non-identical twins).

This produces extremely accurate results which will conclusively determine if twins are identical or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! We can send your sampling kits to separate addresses if this is easier for you. Just select the appropriate address when you place your order.

You can complete the below order form or you can click here too. We are also more than happy to take orders by telephone on 0191 543 6434.

The test report will be uploaded to our secure website the day results are available. Postal copies will also be issued according to your preferences when placing the order.

With twin DNA testing, we only require a DNA sample from the twins themselves. There is no parental involvement required.