Other Services

Did you know, the Complement Genomics Ltd. family includes the below services:

  • dad-check-logo


    Providing DNA testing services to the legal profession, social services and to private individuals for personal information DNA tests and those to be used for legal and immigration purposes.

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    UKAS applicant (ISO 17025) and DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care) listed provider of COVID-19 screening services.

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    Offering DNA testing services to both businesses and the general public, whether in fields such as human relationship testing, COVID-19 testing, animal and plant species identification, bird parentage (and sexing) or human clinical trials.

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    DNA testing services designed specifically for use by professionals from the legal sector, such as Local Authorities, Solicitors and Mediators.

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    Services designed to serve the non-human DNA testing market, such as animal and plant species identification and bird sexing – for citizen scientists and professionals alike.

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    Designed to serve the CRO and pharmaceutical sector with genotyping and phenotyping for clinical trials.

  • DNA-Logo


    An online value brand providing personal information DNA testing services, primarily paternity tests, for the general public.

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    Relationship DNA testing for the general public including paternity and sibling tests, suitable for personal information reasons and legal purposes such as Birth Certificate changes and Home Office/Passport Office applications.

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    Environmental testing designed to minimise the disruption caused by transmission of Covid-19 and other virus or bacteria within communal spaces.