Grandparentage DNA Tests

At dadcheck®silver we perform personal information, home DNA grandparent DNA tests to determine if two or more individuals are related as paternal grandmother/grandfather and grandchild.

A grandparent DNA test may be performed instead of a paternity test when the alleged father is deceased, unavailable or unwilling to take part but the alleged father’s biological parent(s) are available.

Order your grandparent DNA test kit today to answer that important question.

When ordering such complex tests, we recommend that once the order is placed, you call us to explain the case background to ensure we are testing the correct scenario.

How accurate are grandparent DNA tests?

Every one of us is unique. This uniqueness comes from our genetic code, which we have inherited equally from our biological mother and biological father. If we analyse the samples of the possible grandparent(s) to a child, we would expect to find these common maternal or paternal genetic markers which can in turn be used to determine if individuals are related.

For such 'complex' tests, we would strongly recommend that the known biological mother of the child participates in the testing as this really helps with the interpretation of the final results and makes the results much more conclusive.

For all complex DNA tests - especially in those cases where one of the known biological parents is not available for testing, the analysis performed can only provide an indication of the relationship and is not always conclusive.  In some cases, it may not be possible to detect a relationship even though one may exist.

A paternity test would give the most conclusive results, but this can only be carried out if we can obtain DNA samples from the alleged father.

Please select the test you require from the below options, depending which individuals are available for testing.

Relationship DNA testing can be a life-changing event and we would recommend that before ordering a test you think carefully about the potential outcomes and have considered if testing will be in the best interests of those involved.

Please note that this at-home test is for personal information only - this means that the results will not be accepted in UK courts by the Child Maintenance Service or any other legal body.