Sample collection service for accredited (legal) DNA tests

For accredited (legal) tests the sample collection procedures are different to personal information tests and we must take steps to correctly identify each participant at the time of sampling. We do this through an extensive network of sample collectors who will have been previously sent the kit and consent forms and will follow our identity checking procedures. They will send the samples directly back to us. You will also be photographed at the time of sampling.

Our samplers may be our own staff, entities who have joined our registered samplers scheme, registered medical practitioners or a member of a company specifically subcontracted to collect samples for us.

Additional charges may apply for sample collections and any use of next day delivery/couriers.

We operate nationwide collection service and also have arrangements in place for international identity checks and collections, most often used for immigration and surrogacy purposes or if one of the participants is based overseas.

The identity check and buccal cheek cell sampling will be conducted by either a member of Complement Genomics Ltd staff or will be undertaken by an independent third party supplier such as a registered medical practitioner, a sample collection company (an approved supplier to Complement Genomics Ltd) or one of the participants on our registered sampler scheme.

If the samples submitted for this particular DNA test were not collected by staff directly employed by Complement Genomics Ltd, the company (Complement Genomics Ltd) is not responsible for any errors or omissions which may have been made by these entities during the sampling process.