My DNA testing needs are more complex; how do I go about getting my DNA test done?

If you are from the general public and have more complex DNA testing needs, then we would like to direct you to our sister service which can accommodate complex requests. This might be a private accredited (legal) DNA test, immigration (Home Office) DNA test, a maternity DNA test (generally required for immigration applications), DNA tests on deceased persons (forensic DNA testing), surrogacy DNA tests, sibling (full, half or not related) DNA tests, sperm donor testing (alleged father and child) or grand parentage DNA testing. Also if one of the participants lives far away from you / you don’t want contact or overseas, that is a separate DNA testing kit is required, then please contact us on 0191 543 6434, e-mail
If you have any questions, we will be happy to help.

If you have a solicitor (or social services are involved) and they are dealing with your DNA testing case, then please direct them to our service for professionals, which is: You can ask them to call 0191 543 6334 or e-mail

Our laboratories are recognised by the Ministry of Justice for legal DNA testing and we hold the international accreditation standard, BS EN ISO 17025 for testing laboratories.