Legal DNA testing sampling during the COVID-19 crisis

For legal DNA testing, the samples must be collected by an independent third party, a person who will verify the identities of the participants. If you are the person (or professional) ordering the test, we will ask if you or anyone in the donors household is symptomatic, isolating or shielding at this time. We would be very grateful if you could be clear with us on this matter.

If we consider there to be a risk to the collector, we reserve the right to refuse the collection and we will attempt to make alternative arrangements. Our samplers will not be symptomatic but we still need to protect them and their families from exposure to the virus if possible. They will observe social distancing (except during the physical sample collection), wear a mask (to protect you from them) and gloves. They have also been asked to use hand sanitiser.

Unlike with testing for COVID-19 (back of the throat/nasal), the sampler does not need to be “face on” with the subject and the sampling can be conducted from the side of the donor as the cheek can be effectively reached from there.