How accurate is the “dadchecksilver” paternity test?

Analysing your genetic code using a DNA test is the most accurate way of determining whether or not a biological relationship exists between individuals.

The dadchecksilver paternity test proves with 100% accuracy if a man is not the alleged father of a child and proves that a tested man is the alleged father of a child with at least 99% certainty (if the mother is involved in the DNA testing process, we can generally improve on this figure.

For grandparentage, avuncular and sibling testing, the relationship is more distant and the results will generally indicate around a 90% chance of relatedness. If for example, the mother does not participate, then this number will reduce and can be highly variable. It can be between 50% and 90% depending upon your family’s genetic background. In a grandparentage test, if we can test both grandparents and there is no issue of paternity, we may get a probability of relatedness of up to 99%.

If you are wishing to have one of these particular DNA tests, then it is important that you understand the limitations of the technology and we would always suggest that these DNA testing data are taken in context with other evidence you may have. It is for this reason that we do not have an online ordering system for indirect paternity tests and prefer you to call, e-mail or text us, so we can arrange to discuss the case with you. We can then advise on the most appropriate DNA test which will give a conclusive and useful outcome for you and your family.